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Geographic information systems
for urban planning

Analysis of the best use of the land

- Analysis of the location and shape of the site, real estate object and identification of easements of use;
- Analysis of a site, an object by the degree of commercial attractiveness and activity;
- Analysis of transport, pedestrian and visual accessibility of the site, property;
- Analysis of traffic and pedestrian flows;
- Analysis of the competitive environment;
- Analysis of the socio-demographic portrait of a potential consumer in the area of ​​the site, property;
- Analysis of the possibility of accommodating different formats real estate;
- Analysis of the profitability of various formats of real estate and its trends.

Goals and objectives

Real estate market research is carried out with the purpose of determining the investment attractiveness of specific segments of the real estate market in separately taken areas. Market development forecast is made at least for medium term (4-5 years). As a result of the research, there should be an answer tothe question of what type of property and what area can be built on a given plot of land with best use point of view. For implementation, a project will be selected that will allow to the investor to get the maximum possible profit from its implementation.