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Service desk system for
managing fitness equipment

System capabilities for controlling fitness equipment QRM ReSet

- reduces the number of simulators that are not working at the same time;
- reduces the cost of repair and service work;
- improves control and quality of work of repair and service teams;
- increases customer loyalty;
- increase in sales of used fitness equipment through increased customer confidence in the equipment;
- repair and service teams in one application can work with several fitness clubs or fitness networks;

How it works?

Fitness Equipment manufacturer:
Provides equipment with a pre-installed unique QR code generated by QRM ReSet software. This QR code generates a request from a mobile application or web interface to the QRM ReSet database and enables the User to enter information.

Repair and service team:
A client, employee or other visitor to the fitness club (user) discovers any problem with the fitness equipment - a breakdown, incorrect operation, unacceptable aesthetic appearance, has the ability to report this through a mobile application or web interface. The user can also report that the simulator is busy for a long time or admit that he does not know how to use it. In addition, the User can offer the fitness club to place a simulator, which, in his opinion, will be relevant in the club. The “message” is transmitted via the QRM ReSet system by clicking in a few clicks in the mobile application or web interface. To do this, you need to download our application in AppStote or PlayMarket and point the camera at the QR code on the simulator. The system will offer to select from the list options that classify the message (problem, wish, breakdown, employment, etc.) and send this message to the correct address - either to the owner of the club, or to the manager, or to the person in charge of the repair and service team. In the process and after solving the problem, the author of the message will be surely notified of the status of his issue through a notification in the personal account of the QRM ReSet User.

Fitness equipment user:
Reacts to specialized messages in the QRM ReSet personal account (breakdown, incorrect operation, etc.) and leaves, in accordance with the regulations for fitness equipment for diagnostics (usable / not usable), case classification (warranty / non-warranty) and taking prompt action to correct problems.

Fitness club owner or manager:
Keeps statistics of client calls through the QRM ReSet analytics module (which fitness equipment is most often occupied, for which there are difficulties in operation, which are in demand or not) and makes appropriate management decisions aimed at increasing the loyalty of its clients.