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Project managment system

Our experience in implementing project management system

We have developed a project management system for construction companies and real estate developers.The system helps to manage construction processes and serves as an effective communication tool.

System capabilities

Construction phase management
Each project is divided into phases: Land acquisition, Design, Preparation, Construction, Sales, Property registration. Each phase is divided into stages. The current state of the project is determined by automatic statuses, which contain the logic of the entire urban planning process based on the legislation of Ukraine.

Task management
Within each project there are groups of tasks. Each task corresponds to a specific stage of the project. The beginning of the first task and the end of the last one determine the duration of the stage. The task is assigned by the manager, after which the executor makes a mark about the beginning of its execution. After the task is completed, the manager accepts, rejects or sends it for revision. Informing about the progress of execution (change of statuses, change of terms or responsible persons, etc.) is carried out via e-mail in automatic mode.

Gantt chart
Tasks can be linked together and built in the form of a Gantt chart. Presentation of data in this form will be in demand for scheduled meetings in order to quickly assess time and labor resources.

Presentation of data in the form of a kanban board (task or project card) allows you to quickly and efficiently understand the state of affairs for prompt management decisions.

All construction projects are mapped. Projects can be highlighted with markers or boundaries of land parcels, sorted by color in accordance with the current status. When you hover over an object, additional customizable information about such an object appears.

Mind Manager
Mind Manager allows you to draw logic and sequence of decision making for project implementation in a few clicks

The complex of reports in the form of pivot tables, graphs, diagrams allows you to monitor performance indicators for the project, manage the time of performers, control the progress of tasks. Thanks to the up-to-date data in the system, scheduled meetings can be held without preparation and the availability of printed materials anywhere and at any time on any issue or group of issues.