Construction Project Management System S2B Development


The construction business in Ukraine over the past decade has experienced many changes. In 2011, the new Law on Urban Planning came into effect, which significantly changed the basic principles and approaches in terms of the requirements for developers, the processes for obtaining and approving design permits and data exchange.

Currently, market leaders are holdings - groups of companies of different profiles, which are united by joint activities within one or several projects. To improve the efficiency of project implementation, due to the growing competition and instability of the economy in the country, developers are increasingly resorting to using so-called b2b (business to business) schemes. Profile companies (legal, financial, design, construction, real estate, etc.) are united for the joint implementation of projects. In such a complex structure of project and administrative tasks, deadlines, operational control of tasks, delegation of authority and responsibility are very important. Due to the specifics of the current market conditions and the characteristics of urban planning legislation, the implementation of projects is complicated by individual factors related to the processes of obtaining initial permit documentation and coordination of design decisions. The list of problematic issues in the construction market is large enough and for we suggest focusing on three key aspects that can increase the competitiveness of many developers - production management, sales and resources.

Construction Project Management S2B Development

Reduction of project implementation timeframes due to increased planning efficiency

The constructed base plan in the form of a Gantt chart is automatically converted into a list of tasks of different nesting levels. Detailing and adjusting the basic plan is carried out by simple actions with a few clicks. For each task, a start date and a finish date are assigned and one or several responsible persons are assigned. The construction project management system will remind the timeframe to the contractor and manager, allow you to track the history and monitor the progress of tasks. Internal chat will allow communicating more effectively in a single information field.

Releasing working time by automating business processes

Project management in construction is automated in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine in the urban sphere. The sequence and timing of the stages, their status, the status of projects - all this is embedded in the system. Construction project management with S2B ERP Development takes place by pressing a few buttons in a readable interface. You can work with the system through a computer, smartphone or tablet

Improving the speed and efficiency of management decisions

Operational data on projects are presented in an aggregated and readable form with online updates. Access to data can be obtained both from a computer and a smartphone and tablet anywhere at any time. The project manager has access to kanban boards, Gantt charts, open streetmap objects maps and mindmanager solutions maps.

Construction project management. System features

Project Management

Each project is divided into phases: Land acquisition, Design, Preparation, Construction, Sales, Property registration. Each phase is divided into stages. The current state of the project is determined by the automatic statuses, in which the logic of the entire urban planning process based on the legislation of Ukraine is laid.

Task management

Within each project there are groups of tasks. Each task corresponds to a specific phase of the project. The beginning of the first task and the end of the last determine the duration of the stage. The task is assigned to the manager, after which the contractor makes a note about the beginning of its implementation. After the task is completed, the manager accepts it, rejects it, or sends it for revision. Informing about the progress of the execution (change of status, change of deadlines or responsible, etc.) is carried out via e-mail in automatic mode.

Gant chart

Tasks can be interconnected and constructed in the form of a Gantt chart. Presentation of data in this form will be required for scheduled meetings in order to quickly estimate time and labor resources.

Kanban dashboard

Presentation of data in the form of a kanban board (task or project card) allows you to quickly and efficiently delve into the situation for the rapid management decisions.

Object Map

All construction projects are mapped. Projects can be identified by markers or land boundaries, sorted by color in accordance with the current status. When targeting an object, auxiliary custom information about such an object appears.

Mobile version

The system interface is adapted for use with smartphones and tablets. The presentation of data for individual gadgets is customizable and can be implemented in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Mind manager

Decision map or Mind Manager allows you to draw logic and decision-making sequence for project implementation in a few clicks


A set of reports in the form of summary tables, graphs, charts allows you to monitor performance indicators for the project, manage the time of performers, monitor the progress of tasks. Thanks to actual data in the system, scheduled meetings can be held without preparation and availability of printed materials in any place and at any time on any issue or group of questions.

B A S I C   P L A N

в месяц

  • VPS сервер

    1 CPU

    1024 Memory

    25Gb SSD

  • Установка и настройка

  • Обучение

  • Обновления

  • Администрирование сервера

  • Бэкапы системы

M E D I U M   P L A N

в месяц

  • VPS сервер

    1 CPU

    2048 Memory

    40Gb SSD

  • Установка и настройка

  • Обучение

  • Обновления

  • Администрирование сервера

  • Бэкапы системы

  • Техподдержка 5 час/мес.

  • Доработки 5 час/мес.

E X T R A   P L A N

в месяц

  • VPS сервер

    2 CPU

    4096 Memory

    60Gb SSD

  • Установка и настройка

  • Обучение

  • Обновления

  • Администрирование сервера

  • Бэкапы системы

  • Техподдержка 10 час/мес.

  • Доработки 10 час/мес.

In trial mode, all functions of a complete system are available for a period of 1 month. After the trial period expires, you will need to select one of the existing packages. The entered data is saved.


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