Business solutions for retail (e-commerce)

A distinctive feature of the retail market is its high dynamism. The rapid development of e-commerce led to an increase in customer selectivity and catalyzed the evolution of intelligent business analytics in the retail sector.

New challenges in the field of retail dictate the conditions under which the business should be able to quickly change its direction. In a rapidly growing competition, retailers are forced to be adaptable and flexible in order to respond quickly to ever-changing customer demands.

We offer basic solutions in the S2B BI retail package (if you have a CRM system)

By monitoring the behavioral factors of customers (frequency and frequency of visits, average bill, types of purchases, places of purchases, etc.), we form invited masks or customer templates, based on these templates, companies can promote relevant products and services through optimal sales channels . Customer profiling allows companies to gain a number of advantages, in particular:

​Increase sales

increase in sales through the possibility of bundling goods or services that are most likely to be acquired together. For example, "buy two things, third as a gift" or "two things for the price of one", etc.

Increase sales conversion

increase conversion through the use of "smart advertising". For example, if a person bought a refrigerator once - this does not mean that he will buy it again and need to be flooded with an advertisement of refrigerators just because he looked for it once. We model many factors, such as gender, age, place of residence, solvency, payment history, etc., as a result of which we obtain probabilistic offers of goods or services for relevant groups of clients.

Supply planning

improving the efficiency of inventory management. Predicting demand for future periods, the company can more rationally plan the delivery of goods to warehouses or promote products or services of partners with maximum benefit

What is CRM?

CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management) is a system for business, designed to automate the processes of interaction with customers. The main advantages of implementing a CRM system are increasing sales, optimizing marketing, and improving customer service by maintaining a history of relationships with them.  

Basic solutions in the S2B CRM retail package (if there is no CRM system)

To achieve maximum effect, the forecasting process must be continuous, the models are self-learning, and the sales process is scalable. Those. Without the process of introducing the basic elements of artificial intelligence and interfaces for working with clients (CRM) to get the expected result does not work. To solve this problem, we offer a basic set of solutions in the S2B CRM retail product.


Manage customer data. The history of their purchases, calls, mailings and other interactive actions.


Integration with telephony. Automation of processes, auto redial, call distribution by free operators, call recording.


Counterparty data management - suppliers, partners, competitors.


Catalogs of goods, works or services, complete sets, option packages and other attribute information.


Time management, calendar of events, meetings, reminders, notifications.


Account management, procurement, contracts. Automation of business sales processes, implementation of basic functions of management accounting in the structure of role models of CRM systems ..

Classification of data in a common data infrastructure

The conceptual framework of data infrastructure in the implementation of S2B CRM retail and S2B BI retail products

Construction Project Management System S2B Develop...
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