Agent or dealer network management system S2B agents


This solution allows Intermediary Companies for the sale of goods or services to quickly and efficiently organize and scale their own dealer network. According to statistics, the main problem of creating a dealer network is the lack of automated business rules, which, as a rule, ends with the differences of partners and hinders the development of business. We offer developed our own business rules, automated on the engine Vtiger CRM. The functional model of the system S2B agents allows you to flexibly distribute access to information for users - those responsible for deliveries do not have access to the customer base, those responsible for sales do not have access to suppliers, only the manager has access to information on the full cycle of business processes and can centrally control everything agent network processes.

Vtiger CRM. S2B agents. Solvable tasks

Automation of business rules

  • The dealer network manager fully controls the process of sales and supply of goods
  • The manager determines the line of goods and services, determines the pricing policy and sales conditions for agents
  • Dealer forms customer base, but cannot download it
  • Dealer forms orders, but does not see suppliers

Management Accounting

  • Sales management. Potential customers, customers. Calendar, events, calls, mailings
  • Order Management. Goods, services. Procurement Management. Suppliers, goods
  • Taxes and finance. Accounts, payments
  • Reporting


  • Quickly add a new agent (dealer) to the system. Training is not required, there are instructions and rules for working with the system
  • Accessibility to the system 24/7 from any place where there is Internet
  • Flexibility. The system has a modular architecture that allows you to quickly adapt existing business rules to any business model.

Capabilities of the system Vtiger CRM S2B agents

Manage leads

The module allows you to maintain a database of leads (cold customers). An account card is maintained for each leads, its status is recorded (interest shown, high interest, declined, pause, ready). The history of interaction with the client is recorded - meetings, calls, events. After a leads has purchased a product or service, it is converted from a potential to a current client

Customer base management

The module allows you to maintain a database of regular customers. For each client, an accounting card is kept in which the history of orders, invoices, payments, purchased goods or services is presented. The history of interaction with the client is recorded - meetings, calls, events. Access to the client base is distributed between users - the manager can group the clients and assign them to the appropriate managers for work. Managers (dealers or agents) interact with customers, keep a history of communication, carry out e-mail distribution.

Supplier Management

Thanks to this module, records are kept of purchases from suppliers of goods, mutual settlements, and a history of payments and deliveries is recorded. The list of suppliers is available for a separate role in the system - center and is not available for managers (dealers, agents). Distributing access to information allows you to differentiate access to data for successful business management.

Directories of goods and services

Directories of goods and services are two separate modules, presented in the form of a catalog. When forming Orders, Invoices or Purchases, the corresponding item positions are selected according to the established prices and units of measure. The list of goods and services can be massively imported and updated in CSV format (up to 10 thousand items at a time). There is also a product or service card, the information of which is also available for editing. In the item card there is a link with Purchases, orders, customers, etc. In addition, the quantity of goods in stock, the minimum order quantity is taken into account, financial records are kept and a history of changes is kept.


Orders are a set of customer goods or services in a given quantity under appropriate conditions (price, discounts, delivery, etc.). Orders are in the status Created, Approved, Delivery, Canceled. The order also indicates the destination, method and cost of delivery. The order is associated with the customer and the person responsible in the system Under the Order pass financial operations - the client is billed and payments are made


Procurement module allows you to manage purchases. Orders are first collected from customers, then purchases are made from suppliers. Maybe the other way around - first bought, then sold. All that was purchased but not sold is in stock. Orders and Purchases, together with financial accounting, constitute a warehouse accounting system. Purchases come in the status Created, Received with Delivery, Paid, Canceled

Invoices and payments

The financial accounting system consists of Invoices and Payments modules that are associated with the remaining modules of the system. After the order is created, the customer is billed. The account is formed on the basis of the Order, paid by the client, after which a payment is made in the system - a financial transaction is recorded. Payments have statuses: scheduled, completed, canceled and expired. Payments are of two types - credit and expenditure. Based on the results of payments made, financial reports are generated.

B A S I C   P L A N

в месяц

  • VPS сервер

    1 CPU

    1024 Memory

    25Gb SSD

  • Установка и настройка

  • Обучение

  • Обновления

  • Администрирование сервера

  • Бэкапы системы

M E D I U M   P L A N

в месяц

  • VPS сервер

    1 CPU

    2048 Memory

    40Gb SSD

  • Установка и настройка

  • Обучение

  • Обновления

  • Администрирование сервера

  • Бэкапы системы

  • Техподдержка 5 час/мес.

  • Доработки 5 час/мес.

E X T R A   P L A N

в месяц

  • VPS сервер

    2 CPU

    4096 Memory

    60Gb SSD

  • Установка и настройка

  • Обучение

  • Обновления

  • Администрирование сервера

  • Бэкапы системы

  • Техподдержка 10 час/мес.

  • Доработки 10 час/мес.

In trial mode, all functions of a complete system are available for a period of 1 month. After the trial period expires, you will need to select one of the existing packages. The entered data is saved.


login: rukovoditel

pass: rukovoditel


login: center

pass: center


login: diler

pass: diler

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