CRM и ERP systems

CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management) is a system for small and medium-sized businesses, designed to automate customer interaction processes. The main advantages of implementing a CRM system are increasing sales, optimizing marketing, and improving customer service by maintaining a history of customer relationships.
ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management system that allows you to create a single information environment for the automation of planning, accounting, control, management and analysis of all the main business processes of the enterprise, as well as focused on optimizing the resources of the enterprise.

What does the customer get when implementing

Unified database of contacts and counterparties

Customer management

A single directory of goods and services

Management of applications and appeals

Marketing and Sales Funnel

Procurement and Inventory Management


Production Management

Electronic document management

Financial management

Project management

Automation of business processes

Analytics and Reporting

Ready-made ERP & CRM solutions

We offer turnkey solutions for the business of various industries

Construction phase management. Task management. 

Mind map. Gantt chart. Kanban board

Map of objects with attribute information.

Flexible reporting system

Fitness Equipment Service Management System

Inventory and certification of fitness equipment.

Automation of processes for maintenance and repair work.

Keeping a history of equipment use cases.

Equipment condition monitoring

Automation of handling complaints about equipment malfunctions

Automation of business rules. Flexible role-based user access model

Management and financial accounting. Goods, services, orders, purchases. Invoices and payments. Reports

Customer management. Reminders. 

Help Desk system for customer feedback

Fixing complaints, suggestions or wishes of customers.

Automation of complaints handling in the structure of different company departments.

Keeping a story. Classification of appeals. Analytics for management decisions.

How we are working

We provide a ready-made solution for CRM & ERP systems according to the SaaS model (software as a service). Customization and improvements are paid separately.


Basic Plan

small company

$99/ month
  • VPS server 1 CPU 1024 Memory 25Gb SSD
  • Installation and setup
  • Training
  • Update
  • Server administration
  • Backup systems
  • Tech support
  • Сustomization


middle company

139/ month
  • VPS server 1 CPU 2024 Memory 40Gb SSD
  • Installation and setup
  • Training
  • Update
  • Server administration
  • Backup systems
  • Tech support 5 hours / month
  • Сustomization 5 hours / month


big company

от $ 169/month
  • VPS server 2 CPU 4096 Memory 60Gb SSD
  • Installation and setup
  • Training
  • Update
  • Server administration
  • Backup systems
  • Tech support 10 hours / month
  • Сustomization 10 hours / month
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