Business Intelligence

a process that helps company executives, business managers, business owners to make the most effective management decisions.

Excellence S2B

Business intelligence is a measurement of company performance, expressed in money, customers and time, on the basis of which forecasts are made, new niches are opened and successful products are formed.

Full-time model

Business analyst as an employee of the company

  • Competence, skills and experience: 40-60%. Rarely are programmers, business analysts, and businessmen all rolled into one.
  • First results: 3-4 months. As a rule, 1-1.5 months for the study of specifics, 2-2.5 months for the preparation of business decisions. And this is at best.
  • Investments: from $ 5000. One business analyst with a salary of $ 1,500 / month for 3-4 months.
  • Priorities: the result for the company is more important than the process. For a business analyst, salary is the other way around.
  • Flexibility: very often bureaucracy and interaction with other employees of the company drag out the processes of business analysis.

S2B model

Professional Project Team and Scrum Approach

  • Competence, skills and experience: 100%. Our team has multidisciplinary programmers, business analysts and businessmen.
  • First results: 1-1.5 months. If within a week we do not see opportunities for solutions, we will not take further and will not take payment.
  • Investment: $ 3,500. This is the payment of the first sprint (decision). About 1-1.5 months.
  • Priorities: there are successes from our decisions - we get bonuses. Good companies - good for us, and vice versa.
  • Flexibility: in most cases, remote access to data is sufficient for us (taking into account security and privacy)

Contract model

Long-term contract and budget approach

  • Competence, skills and experience: 100%. As a rule, in specialized companies all this is available in full.
  • First draft decisions: 5-6 months. 1-1.5 for signing the contract, the same for the development of TK. 1-1.5 months to work 1.5 months. for approval.
  • Investments: from $ 10,000. This is a payment of licenses, the list of works according to the ToR (not always necessary).
  • Priorities: Most contracts come down to paying man-hours, i.e. processes, not results.
  • Flexibility: most companies are quite inert - it happens that both the contract and the TK lose their relevance in the implementation process.

What does business analytics consist of?

These are business competencies, infrastructure, tools and applications, as well as advanced technologies that enable the extraction of data with high performance in order to make operational and strategic decisions.

Subject of analysis

Statistics (what was and what is there?), Predictive analytics (what will happen and with what probability?) And prescriptive analytics (what to do?).


Arrays of operating data stored in company databases.


We determine the main KPIs, take measurements “before”, “in the process” and “after”. We evaluate the result, we consider the effectiveness.


Algorithms, classes (neural networks, decision trees) and metrics for assessing the quality of the models.


Computing power, software, interfaces, scripts and applications


Amazon QuickSight powered by SPICE (extremely fast parallel computing) technology allows you to visualize big data in comprehensible tables, graphs and charts.

The processes

We apply project management techniques Scrum & amp; Kanban.


We use Jira software as a project management tool.
That's what BI looks like in Amazon QuickSight
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