• Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    We introduce analytical systems based on company data using modern BI technologies - Amazon QuiskSight, Power Bi, Qlik

  •  Business processes

    Business processes

    We develop applications for automating business processes for the necessary needs of the company.

  • Web Sites

    Web Sites

    We create web sites for the needs of your business

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We do not cure business, we measure it and improve it.

Business intelligence for management decisions

Monitoring the company's performance

Modeling customer behavioral factors

Planning and control activities

Automation and process control

Resource, Asset and Finance Management

Marketing and Sales Automation

Segmentation and portraying of clients

Analytics Key Performance Indicators

Speech recognition

Photo and video recognition

Creating machine learning models

Joomla & Wordpress Sites

CMM & CEO website promotion

Hosting and technical support

Why choose us?

Our mission is to make business more profitable and efficient.
  • Performance

    We focus on the result, not the process. Our motivation directly depends on the success of the client.

  • Efficiency
  • Client first
  • Professionalism
  • A responsibility
  • Always trendy
Почему мы S2B

Who are we?

We have many years of experience, dozens of projects, thousands of unique ideas and solutions.
yaroslav polyakhovich

Yaroslav Polyakhovich

vasyl danylenko

Vasil Danylenko

Senior Developer

Software Development, Information Security, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Python, Django, jQuery, MySQL, Oracle Database, Wt, C++ Web Toolkit, STM, ARM Cortex-M, MSP430

irina belyaeva

Irina Belyaeva

Business analyst
Specialist in data processing and information visualization. Amazon QuickSight, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI. Business process developer, systems administrator.
Yegor Shcherbakov

Yegor Shcherbakov

Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning, R, Visual Basic, Git, Visual Studio, Python, Docker, GIS data analysis, SQL queries and stored procedures, neural networks, Reproducible statistical research, Natural language processing, Fuzzy Logic. Candidate of Economic Sciences.
sergiy zaplatnikov

Sergey Zaplatnikov

General Manager & S2B senior partner. Investor Relations Specialist
vika haiduk

Viktoriya Haiduk

Developer - Data Analyst

Key technical skills: MS Excel, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MySQL, Atlassian Jira, SQL, R.
Experience: data management, big data analysis, report preparation

oleg vyoncek

Oleg Vyoncek

Developer, SEO, SMM
PHP, JavaScript, Shopify, HTML, CSS, Windows, Linux Server. Scripting knowledge Joomla & Wordpress
dmity bespalov

Dmytro Bespalov

Engineer Transport Modeling
Partner, CEO of A + C Ukraine. Project Management, City Development, Traffic Management, PTV Visum, PTV Vissim

our clients

We work in a business of different formats.
The largest network of fitness clubs in Ukraine

Diagnostic Center - Innovator of digital health and longevity technology.

The largest in Ukraine company for repair and service of fitness equipment
Landscape Bureau ORIGAMI - a company designing public spaces.

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implemented by our team
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Latest articles

big data

В помощь бизнесу - Big Data & Business Inelligence

В последние несколько лет мы все чаще и чаще слышим термин Big Data (англ. Большие Данные). Что это – новые технологии, бизнес инструменты, искусственный интеллект или просто большие массивы данных?

Бизнес аналитика как средство повышения эффективности бизнеса

Фирмы, компании, организации, работающие с объемными данными, хранят их в локальных файлах, архивах, в лучшем случае – в облаках ЦОД. Если данные релевантно не анализируются, то бизнес не станет эффективным, оцениваемым, улучшаемым, конкурентоустойчивым. Поэтому компании прибегают к использованию BI.
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