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About S2B

We are a teal organisation
and work as a project office


We are focused on Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

In general, modern research shows that today, in 9 cases out of 10, an enterprise can reap significant economic benefits from the introduction of AI, and over time, the gap in efficiency between enterprises using AI in their activities and not using it will only grow.

Artificial Intelligence

Revealing hidden dependencies in the field of enterprise activity, building optimization models, predicting the behavior of economic indicators, automation and multiple acceleration of processes.

Modeling economic indicators

Identification of internal dependencies, cycles and trends in both internal and external economic factors, and building on their basis complex mathematical models in order to optimize the profitability of your company.

Clustering and classification

Analysis of the customer base or economic situations in order to choose the right optimal business strategies. Personalization of business proposals for your clients, maximizing the likelihood of concluding a deal exactly according to your proposal.

Analysis of open unstructured data sources

Research of materials of social networks, Internet publications, mass media. Analysis of the emotional sentiment of product reviews, search and assessment of the nature of mentions of your brand on the Internet.

Audio data analysis

Speech recognition combined with speaker recognition makes it possible, for example, to log call center data and verify the identity of the subscriber.

Video data analysis

Searching for your logo in any video stream, assessing the number of eye contacts with your advertising objects, maintaining statistics of the clientele, taking into account the recognition of customers' faces, analyzing and identifying anomalous behavior based on video surveillance data of your company.

Our Partners

We have learned how to work with data and benefit from it,
we have dozens of projects, thousands of unique ideas and solutions.